Microsoft’s Courier device will be a digital journal

Microsoft appears to have begun to release details of its latest device, the Courier tablet computer. In a clear attempt to rival the Apple iPad, the touchscreen device is shown in a series of videos as a way of organising a user’s digital life, including organising contacts, ideas and sending emails and browsing the web.

The Courier’s interface operates across two screens, like a book, and both can be operated using touch or a stylus. The device appears to recognise a user’s handwriting, is less than an inch thick and approximately 5 x 7 inches. It does not use Windows 7, instead favouring the Tegra 2 operating system that powers the Zune HD.

Technology blog Engadget is also reporting that the Courier will also have built in camera and a headphone jack for media playback. A new store built around eBooks is also said to be in the works.

No pricing or release details have been announced, but “Q3/Q4” is being quoted. The device in the pictures and videos that have been leaked appear to be fully functioning, but it is likely that aspects of the operating system that are not demonstrated have yet to be finalised. Microsoft did not offer an official comment.

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