Obama Got 12 stitches in lip

United States President Barack Obama got 12 stitches in lip after hit while playing basketball at Fort McNair, Washington, Friday (26/11) local time. At that time, Obama playing basketball with friends and their families who gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Three hours after the incident, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement. "Accidentally he hit at lips, the president directed the White House medical team, he got 12 stitches," Gibbs said.

According to Gibbs, Obama was drugged when his lips sewn. Stitch it will cause a scar on his lip.

Obama looks out of the gym at Fort McNair, this building was a favorite Obama, after being there about 90 minutes.

Obama Got 12 stitches in lip, hit by one of his friends, Rey Decerega who played as an opposing player. "I got a lesson today, the president a formidable opponent and very sporty," said Decerega, who works at the Hispanic Caucus Institute. "I really enjoy playing basketball with him, I am sure he will soon return to the field."

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