Japan's nuclear secret | Japanese nuclear accident

Japan's nuclear secret | Japanese nuclear accident - Here is interesting news about Japan's nuclear secret was excited in talking about following the explosion of a nuclear reactor there, which is caused by the earthquake and tsunami japan.

Wire leaked diplomatic U.S. Embassy in Tokyo who called on Wikileaks was mention of the Japan's nuclear crisis. In addition there are already predicting that need to be improved safety standards since 2008, similar wires also said the Japanese government to close-up Japanese nuclear accident.
Japanese nuclear
This was conveyed by Taro Kono, Japan's cabinet member lower house of parliament in October 2008. Kono convey this to the U.S. diplomat. He accused the Japanese government keeping secrets related to Japanese nuclear accident at the time.
Kono also accused the government of Japan paid no other alternative energy in Japan that could be used instead of nuclear. Such as wind power.

"Kono accused the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan's close-up Japanese nuclear accident and hide the true cost of a nuclear reactor. There is a hidden nuclear issue," the report said the diplomat.

"Kono said the Japanese in 2008 had increased seismic activity. The high seismic activity three years ago it was signaling about Japanese nuclear reactor safety.

Prime Minister of Japan at this time, Naoko Kan, when it still served as minister of technology and science.

Japanese nuclear secret that this contentious nuclear reactor following the explosion that occurred some time ago in Fukushima.
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