Nokia 888 the Most Flexural handpone

Nokia 888 the Most Flexural handpone | Nokia 888 represents the future of the mobile concept created by Tamer Nakisci winner of Nokia Benelux Design Awards. As seen from the picture above cellular shape is very flexible about 0.5 cm thick only. This mobile can be shaped like a roll and you can wear as jewelry bracelets. Concept Nokia 888 can to inform your schedule and incoming calls by replacing the image move.

Nokia 888 the Most Flexural handpone and this handset will be using liquid battery and you can do on the screen is touch screen and voice commands. Nokia 888 concept is really nice but will the handset like this model can be implemented in the near future? Perhaps while this is only the concept but with advances in technology that might be achieved.A communication tool that allows you to feel free and fun. The design is lightweight, simple, simple. You can change its shape according to your needs throughout the day.
Nokia 888
Nokia 888 is targeted to young consumers are active and located in many different activities.Nokia 888 uses liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, touch-sensitive body cover which is very sensitive to the touch let him to make adjustments to the environment. Nokia 888 has a simple programmable body mechanism so that it can change shape in different situations.

You do not need to put Nokia 888 the Most Flexural handpone in your pocket because you can take him anywhere in any form. You can roll it, bend it, or pinned on your shirt. Nokia 888 also can create some form that makes it more ergonomical as when you want to talk on the phone, the design will shape the design of mobile-phone like in general. Not only that you can personalize the shape you desire in the record list, making it easier for you to choose the desired shape as well as choosing clothes in the closet. Other functions are owned Nokia 888 also has features like an electronic pet animal feelings, because Nokia 888 can sense your movements, to understand what you want, respond you in the best way. Features e-motions lets you send forms to the other Nokia 888 users. This way you can talk without words.

Nokia 888
E-motions means electronical motions that 888 has. You can send and receive forms a unique design from your friends. A heart shape to your girlfriend. When he received a call from you, the phone will be transformed into an icon of heart. Or want to form a dancing party tonight for your friends? This is a really fun side of the product. If we see from the side, Nokia 888 the Most Flexural handpone were quite flexible. You can put it in his pocket, rolled up and folded by smaller and smaller. Or put on your wrist like a watch when you want to make a video call on the go. And of course, if you just want to talk using the normal form of phone, Nokia 888 will give it shape. We traveled to many places and in different situations in daily life, so one form is not enough to express it.

Nokia 888 the Most Flexural handpone,You can vary the shape and design of the Nokia 888. Not only color that can be changed, you too can do the same by sending an e-motion feature to your friends.
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