Kurt Cobain In Memoriam 1994 - 2011

Kurt Cobain In Memoriam 1994 - 2011 - seventeen years ago, precisely on 8 April 1994, the bodies of the motor group's legendary band, Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, was found by Gary Smith, an employee Veca Electric, in a room above the garage of his home in the Lake, Washington. After doing the autopsy, the estimate Kurt Cobain had died since April 5, due to suicide, to blow up his own head, using firearms.

Kurt Donald Cobain, was born on February 20, 1967, at Grays Harbor Hospital, Aberdeen, Washington, from the womb of a mother named Wendy Elizabeth, a beautiful woman of mixed blood, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and England, who bequeathed her beauty, the handsome face of the child. While his father Donald Leland Cobain, a man of mixed blood Scotland, Ireland, and France. In addition to Kurt Cobain, the couple, also gave birth to a daughter, who is the younger brother of Kurt Cobain, named Kimberly, who was born in 1970.

Kurt Cobain died was 27 years old when he died, which means adding a row of famous rock musicians who died at the same age, so there is a club for rock musicians who died at the age of 27 years, with the name "Forever 27". Its members are, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain at last.

Kurt Cobain's mother, Wendy, who knew of the existence of the club, before his son found dead, has been warned not to join the "stupid club", it. But, what the call the mother, can not help but feel that raged in heart, and head of the child, so that the child remain committed suicide, and joined the club, as the newest member.

Kurt Cobain's parents, divorced when she was eight years old. After this divorced, Kurt Cobain stay more longer with her mother, and his younger brother.

Divorce is traumatic for Kurt Cobain as a child so he grew quiet, and prefer to carve something on paper, a tangible image.
Kurt Cobain
Introduction of Kurt Cobain in the music world occurred, when his aunt Mari, was given the recording the album The Beatles. Kurt Cobain was immediately interested in the style of singing, John Lennon, and make the Beatles, as one of his favorite group, in addition to Led Zepplin, AC / DC, Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, and Balck Sabbath.

Together with her ​​best friend Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain founded the band Nirvana, in 1987. Together with Jason Everman, guitar, and Chad Channing, drums, the band released its debut album in 1989, entitled "Bleach", under an indie record label, Sub Pop. One of the songs on that album, titled "About a Girl", written by Kurt Cobain, after he listened to the album "Meet The Beatles", for three hours.

This formation, then changed in 1990, with the inclusion of Dave Grohl, who replaced Chad Channing, Jason Everman and his exit. Formation, Kurt Cobain, guitar, vocals, Krist Novoselic, bass, and Dave Grohl, drums, lasted until the band broke up, with his Kurt Cobain died, in 1994.

Nirvana, break, and directly control the world of rock music, with her ​​second album, "Nevermind", which was released on September 24, 1991, under a major record label Geffen Records, which managed to hook the Nirvana, along with the success of their debut album.

The album sold more than 11 million copies, only in America, and more than 25 million copies worldwide. Single, "Smell Like Teen Spirit", directly ruled the charts throughout the world. Then followed by her next singles, like "Come As You Are", "Lithium", and "In Bloom", which turns into the king on various charts around the world, is really a very devastating blow, from a new band that was four years old.

Nirvana achieved great success, in a very short time, not just toss their name in the music world, but also leave a very heavy psychological pressure for Kurt Cobain, as the motor of the band. The pressure felt by the other two members did not feel was as good as that on Kurt Cobain. His private life has been totally lost, and drugs, and heroin, a fugitive for Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain met his wife Courtney Love, frontman of the band group "Hole", in 1990, at a concert in the city of Seattle, when it was Love, who was dating the lead singer the band Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, directly interested in the beauty of Kurt Cobain, who in His call is similar to Dave Pirner, Soul Asylum vocalist band group, then Love, alngsung invite Kurt Cobain, for bermoshing ria.

The couple married on February 24, 1992, with the condition of Love, was pregnant with his child only one of this pair, in Hawaii Waikiki Beach, with Dave Grohl, as guardian of the bride.

Children who at birth by Love, was born into the world on August 18, 1992, which was named Frances Bean Cobain. Love, who was the delivery, was at one hospital with Kurt Cobain, who is undergoing a healing therapy of heroin dependence. Love, drag the hands of Kurt Cobain, who was "fly", to accompany him through the process of the birth of the child.

In the same year, his right on 12 December 1992, Nirvana, released his compilation album under the indie record label Sub Pop, entitled "Incesticide", one of the songs on this album titled, "Aero Zepplin", in the present by Kurt Cobain, for his favorite band, Aerosmith, and Led Zepplin.

A year later, his right on 21 September 1993, under the record label Geffen, Nirvana, released their third album, "In Utero".

The album also find success in terms of penjualaan, with sales of more than 5 million copies, in America, and more than 10 million copies, worldwide.

The single "Heart shaped Box", "All Apologies", and "Rape Me", from the album, again alternately ruled the charts throughout the world.
Kurt Cobain
But when looking at the lyric-lyric songs on this album, like the song, "Pennyroyal Tea", and "All Apologies", it appears that Kurt Cobain, felt he had lied to his fans, who had been so deify himself, when he felt yet spend his entire kemempuan, and this is just the beginning, but the fans it was already considered themselves as a Rockstar.

In his acoustic live performances that are well known, "MTV Unplugged In New York", on 18 November 1993, which later was released as a live album on November 1, 1994, Kurt Cobain, was in peak pressure.

According to the book biograpghy Kurt Cobain, "Heavier Than Heaven", which was written by Charles R Cross, she was not amndi for one week, and asked the organizers to arrange seating, for the friends, and close relatives who support it could be in line leading, in concert at garnished by flowers, and black candles, on the stage the stage, and in around Kurt Cobain.

Still according to the book's biography, the companions, and their close relatives Kurt Cobain, who was sitting in the front row in tears, when Kurt Cobain, singing the last song at the concert, Lead Belly's song, titled, "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" . The signs that the departure of the Super Star, was already in sight.

Its end, after battling intense pressure, with the support of the closest friends, and his beloved wife, and it turns out Kurt Cobain, is not strong against guilt, which really, really for his fans, his self untukm decided to end his life, in front of a gun.

The body was later cremated and his ashes later in the sow by the child in the river that flowed near his house, having before his wife read the letter in your pocket, when he found himself already a corpse.

Frances Bean Coabin, sprinkling his father's ashes, accompanied by water droplets in the eyes of thousands of fans of Kurt Donald Cobain, who attended the event.

Krist Novoselic, sobbed next to Courtney Love. Only Dave Grohl, who looked so strong, but tears still wetting his cheeks.

Goodbye Kurt Cobain. Although you have gone to him for, but your songs will stay alive for her.

Dedicated to commemorate his 17 years on the bodies found Kurt Donald Cobain, The Sun Is Gone, But I Have a Light.

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