I updated my iPhone to the 3.1 software on Wednesday night. Shortly afterwards I tried to install an app and the phone wouldn’t let me. I tried a few things but eventually gave up and went to bed.

When I connected the iPhone the next morning, iTunes told me the phone would need to be restored because it couldn’t be read. That was annoying and worrying. What had happened to my phone? Did my lukewarm write-up of Apple’s iPod launch trigger the iPhone’s self destruct mechanism?

Insufficiently enthusiastic about a new Apple product? There’s a phone-killing app for that.

When I restored the phone 11 of my apps were missing, including Ambiance Classic, which I use a lot, and Texas Hold ‘Em, which is one of Apple’s own apps. I decided to try again. That was a bad idea. This time it killed the phone entirely. My phone is now trapped in “recovery mode” and iTunes can’t restore it.

Apple are lending me a replacement iPhone until mine can be fixed. (There are some perks to having this job.) Meanwhile, I’m waiting for somebody to phone me so that they can try to fix the phone.

We haven’t yet heard from Apple whether they know what caused this problem or even whether they know the extent of it. I’ll let you know when I find out more.
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