Ali Yakubov and his holy amazing skin !!!

Ali Yakubov is a medical mystery. Doctors and family deny any person is responsible for it and that there is no one writing on the boy’s skin – nevertheless, words from the holy Koran mysteriously appear on his skin.

The word Allah appeared first, on Ali’s chin soon after his birth. Ali was born prematurely with a coronary heart disease and transparent skin which revealed his intestines. At the time doctors warned that he may only live 2 or 3 days.

In another twist, his mother, Madiana, complained to doctors that she could hear him crying before his was born. Doctors dismissed this out of hand but Mr. Ahmedpasha Amiralaev, a chairman of the Sagida Murtuzalieva Charity admitted that by the late term even the doctors themselves admitted that it seemed to be the unborn baby that was crying.

Ali has become a religious sensation in Russia. It has been reported that new Koran Arabic script appears on the back of his legs and hands (sometimes his stomach and head) before fading after a few days. Madiana says the boy reaches upwards of 40 degrees centigrade during these appearances.

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What do you think of this report? There are certainly photographs of the poor boy with writing on his skin… but how is it getting there?

Doctors in Russia are puzzled as to why the holy Koran appears on the body of a nine-month-old boy.

The parents of Ali Yaubov said the word Allah appeared on their son’s chin soon after his birth, and ever since, scores of writings in Arabic script have emerged on his back, arms, legs and stomach.

Although doctors cannot explain why the writings appear on the toddler’s skin, they are sure someone did not write them.

His mother, Madiana Yakubov said the writings appear twice a week, usually Mondays and Thursday or Friday nights.

According to reports, the words “Don’t hide these signs from the people” once appeared on the child’s skin.

Ali has now become a focus of Muslim homage in his hometown of Dagestan, which is close to Chechnya.

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