This is Wikipedia: 20 articles earmarked for deletion

These pages remain live for days while Wikipedia administrators - and the original authors - debate whether the entries should be allowed, improved or removed.

Below we present 20 of the more bizarre and surprising articles flagged for deletion over the past few weeks, with extracts from the pages and some of reasons offered by moderators for why they should be erased.

11) Exploding sheep
Extract: "The earliest well-known reference to exploding sheep in popular culture was made by Johnny Carson, in the role of psychic Carnac the Magnificent on The Tonight Show."
Reason for deletion: "Exploding sheep, I am sure, make for notable visuals, but the topic in its own right is not notable."

12) Exploding toads (now merged into Exploding animals)
Extract: "An exploding toad occurs when a crow, hunting for toad liver, attacks a toad which then puffs up as a natural defense. What differentiates the exploding toads in these incidents from most other exploding animals is that they explode while alive."
Reason for deletion: "Maybe merge into exploding animal otherwise delete."

13) Exploding donkey (now merged into Exploding animals)
Extract: "There have been several documented incidents of donkeys and mules being used to deliver bombs."
Reason for deletion: "It's cute to have a bunch of articles on exploding animals, but this one shouldn't be one of them."

14) Israeli theft of Arab cuisine
Extract: (now deleted)
Reason for deletion: "The title is intrinsically un-neutral."

15) Flying Bigfoot of Florida
Extract: "No pictures were ever taken, although numerous people claimed to have seen it walking on the beach or taking off."
Reason for deletion: "Unsourced, no real claim to notability."

16) 2009 Sydney dust storm (now merged into 2009 Australian dust storm)
Extract: "While the cloud was visible from space, on the ground the intense red-orange colour and drop in temperature drew comparisons with nuclear winter, Armageddon, and the planet Mars."
Reason for deletion: "Too minor of an event... A dust storm that took place over 15 hours or less."

17) Turtleman
Extract: (now deleted)
Reason for deletion: "I don't see how this particular superhero character meets the notability guidelines."

18) BBC - List of Animals
Extract: (now deleted)
Reason for deletion: "I'm not quite sure what this article is supposed to be. It starts off as a lead about a part of the BBC, but then just contains a list of dinosaurs featured in BBC series."

19) Raptor Jesus
Extract: "An Internet phenomenon, in which an image of Christ is altered to depict Christ as having the head of a Velociraptor."
Reason for deletion: "Topic seems not to have reliable sources with regards to the topic's popularity, leading me to believe that the topic is not notable."

20) Harry Benjamin's Syndrome (now merged into Transsexualism)
Extract: "Terminology that some people use to refer to forms of transsexualism... those using this diagnosis consider it an intersex syndrome, and there are transsexuals who prefer this terminology and assert that scientific research has strongly suggested that their condition is biological rather than psychological in nature."
Reason for deletion: "Non-existent disease. Not recognized in any book of official diagnoses.

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