BlackBerry Curve 8900 Phone, Titanium (T-Mobile)

Let me say this. I've owned a couple of Blackberrys in the past, and although I enjoyed them I am a mac user which means I could never fully enjoy all the features like the music player.

When the Iphone came along I bought it as soon as I could (Leaving Tmoble to do so), and I loved it. Still do actually. I don't understand how many people say things like "the iphone sucks". Really? What does it take to please some people? Some flaws, sure, but finally there was a phone that not only was designed FOR mac users, but also raised the bar for all the other companies. Many of the coolest features on other phones are a response to the iphone.

With ATT my phone bills went up on average 40%, and the customer care was horrible. They suffered a bit from the "you're on contract so what you gonna do" syndrome. That coupled with the fact that as a Mac User there weren't a ton of smart phone options, so I was stuck.

Then I found the Curve 8900!
With all the New Blackberry's there is finally some real competition, which is a good thing for Mac users. It finally seems like other companies realized that MAC people are some of the largest and most loyal consumers of electronics, and it doesn't take much to make us feel included. I couldn't use the CD that came with the phone on my computer, but I just hopped on the web and did some downloads and now I can use all the features on my Macbook, including itunes syncing and photos. Which is great because the camera is awesome. The only thing is you need the newest OS on your mac to use the software from the website, but if you don't have that you can also download Pocketmac, which works pretty well.

I find the browser works great, and if you don't like it you can download another if you want. Opera mini is pretty good too. I just like being able to choose for myself, which is something I couldn't do on the Iphone. The Iphone is still probably the best web surfing phone on the market in my opinion, but the Curve is still great! I mean there comes a point when you may as well just crack the Laptop if you are going to do hardcore surfing. That being said, I still go to all the same websites and it is just as fast as my iphone was. The smaller screen means WAY better battery life. I still charge it every day, but this phone has made it two days on pretty heavy use, and you can actually change the battery if you needed to which is a real plus.

Expandable memory is a huge plus! I've got 16 Gb in mine now.

Blackberry just launched there own App store, that is much like the one found on the iphone, so now I have all the same things I had before on my iphone like Pandora, and Shazam.

Going back to Tmobile was an easy choice too. My wife is with them, and the customer care has been great. And the plan they have me and my wife on is cheep! I actually unlocked my iphone and gave it to her and now she is running it on Tmobile much cheaper, and because I had the 2g Iphone I actually think the data is faster on Tmobile. Also the Curve switches to make calls over WiFi (on certain plans) saving you minutes. That feature is so seamless you wont notice the switch.

Yeah, yeah. Some people say things like, 3g is a must for me. But let me say this. Lots of people are whiners who don't know what they are talking about. The Curve has a fast processor, and great WiFi capability, and it is super fast. Call quality is great.

It's also less fragile then the iphone. Touch screens are glass and I actually smashed my first iphone by dropping it from two feet. YIKES!

The Curve also feels more professional to me. I can do Word documents on it, and although I can still play games and surf the web, I do less of the time wasting I did on the Iphone. You know what I mean? The usless surfing like "Hey, whats the tempurature in Australia?

All up I am very happy with the switch. If I had to pick a con, I'd say that the locking on the phone is a bit of a pain. It can become unlocked in your pocket, but that was solved by putting a password on my phone. I just hate picking cons because these phones are so great now a days!

I also loved the Iphone, but the price and AT&T was getting to me! A little competition keeps them all working harder to for us the consumer.

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