Gan lulu video scandal | Gan lulu hot photos

Gan lulu video scandal | Gan lulu hot photos

Gan lulu video scandal | Gan lulu hot photos - Gan lulu video scandal was very controversial.Gan Lulu (干露露) is a model and actress from Beijing, China. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama (中央戏剧学院) in 2008, Gan Lulu has appeared in several movies, dramas and TV advertisements. 26 years old sexy Lulu definitely isn’t camera shy and often artistically photo-shot wearing almost nothing. Recently, a big controversy sparked off in the Internet after Lulu’s desperate mother, who wants to find a boyfriend for her uploaded a video of Lulu walking out of the shower without clothes. The 80-second footage begins with the mother speaking to the camera and declaring her intention of finding a boyfriend for Lulu. All the full complete videos right below

Gan lulu video scandal, the mother responds to some netizen accusations that she is not Gan Lulu’s mother, so she shows a photograph of her with her daughter as well as a magazine interview of the two of them. She says the reason she made the video is because her daughter is 26 and is always busy working. She says the reason she filmed her in the bathroom was partly for fun and partly so that her future boyfriend will already know that her daughter has worked as a human body model, has been in films and television, etc. so he will not be surprised by her past. She emphasizes that they are all artistic modeling. She wants her future husband to accept who her daughter is, what her daughter has done, as well as her daughter’s mother. She says she is an “open/liberal” mother, but not a “bad” mother. With Valentine’s Day approaching, she wanted her daughter to find a boyfriend, and one who won’t be prejudiced against her for having worked as a body or nude model before.

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Gan lulu hotThe male interviewer then turns to the daughter, Gan Lulu, who says she is very upset and angry at the netizens who criticized her mother, who said there couldn’t possibly be a mother like this in the world (who would do something “shameless” like this). Crying, she details how her mother has stood by her and supported her throughout the years as she pursued her career. Her mother and her have talked before hoping that her future husband will not one day discover what work she has done in the past, what movies she has appeared in, and then demand a divorce. Gan Lulu asks netizens to stop hurting them.

The mother reappears and says Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that she hopes there will be someone who can spend Valentine’s Day with her daughter. She mentions that she has accompanied her daughter every Valentine’s Day in the past, and hopes there will be someone who truly likes her, loves her, and understands her daughter. Gan Lulu says she doesn’t want this to become her mother begging for someone to want her. She doesn’t want that. If they can’t find someone, she’s willing to be with her mother her entire life. What she want’s a real relationship (not one that is forced or built on pity).

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