Live updates: WikiLeaks US embassy cables

live updates: WikiLeaks US embassy cables

The WikiLeaks website is down again, after its domain name system,, pulled the plug on it.

But the Guardian is up and running and packed with more revelations from the leaked cables. Today the main focus is Afghanistan.

The dispatches expose a devastating contempt for the British failure to impose security and connect with ordinary Afghans, our lead story says.

The Ministry of Defence has been swift to rebut the cables. A spokesman said:
UK forces did an excellent job in Sangin, an area which has always been and continues to be uniquely challenging, delivering progress by increasing security and taking the fight to the insurgency.

That work is now being continued by the US Marines as part of a hugely increased Isaf presence across the whole of Helmand Province.

Both Afghan leaders, including the Governor of Sangin, and the US Marines have publicly recognised and paid tribute to the sacrifice and achievements of the UK forces in that area.

Criticism of UK troops in the cables has prompted a furious reaction on the Army Rumour Service, the online chatroom popular with British troops. "It's utterly ridiculous how little they appreciate the effort our troops have made," wrote Bloodloss, while Oddjob, who says he has a son currently serving in Afghanistan, tells the Afgans where to go.
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