Adele Edwards couch eater

Adele Edwards couch eater - Adele Edwards is a woman who lives in Bradenton, Florida, United States and she was suffering from a strange disease: Pica. Adele Edwards illness was discovered after her to a doctor because of an addiction to eat the foam in the sofa cushions.

Adele Edwards hooked a couch eating foam since 21 years ago. she then came to the doctor after this habit no longer be controlled. "Last year, I ate seven couch," said 31-year woman was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, Monday, April 11, 2011. "I open the couch cushions, then eat foam. When it started I could not stop," he said.

Doctors advise Adele Edwards, if he keeps doing this habit, then Adele Edwards could die. Pica, a disease suffered by Adele Edwards is a disease that usually affects children under five or pregnant women who are interested in eating chalk, coins and batteries. Usually the disease is caused by stress.

As recognized Adele Edwards. This custom arose after Adele Edwards had the most emotional thing in his life: his parents divorced. "I do not understand why they split up," he said.

When her parents divorced, Adele Edwards age was 10 years old. she was interested in trying to eat the foam sofa after her cousin chewed couch for a joke. Adele Edwards then went along and eventually addiction. "I like the smell, I also liked the taste, sweet. Twenty-one years later, I ate the foam sofa every year."

Adele EdwardsCurrently Adele Edwards were undergoing therapy to eliminate the habit. Doctors told the foam is extremely dangerous and can make a stomach blockage. "It is scary," she said.

Like other addictions, Adele Edwards was not addicted in one night, but need a process. Initially, she just chewed the foam and then melepehnya. But over time he swallowed. And now she's worse, she tore the foam about the size of half a pencil and then she dabs the ground. "It makes much more crisp," she said.

Physicians who deal with Adele Edwards, Christopher Olenec of Digestive Health Center in Sarasota, Florida instantly reminded her new habit. Adele Edwards was also asked to immediately go into therapy center for dependence strange things in California. "I want to stop this habit," she said.Anyway,have you read bout Sarah white therapy with HOT tips? and this month is already 17 years Of Kurt Cobain death.

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